When you reblog one of those prompts and get no asks


  • Mina: Professor, what can you make out of this?
  • [Hands the transcriptions of Jonathan's diary]
  • Van Helsing: This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...

Sent me “Finders! Keepers!” To claim my character and have them tied up



Romeo and Juliet
     are together in Eternity
We can be like they are
     ‘c’mon baby take my hand..


When a character death is so sudden you just sit there in shock for three minutes wondering where the hell that came fromimage


Anonymous asked: "You do realize that's pretty standard, right? A) the owners want new tenants as fast as possible to get income off them, and B) new potential tenants might want to talk to the old tenants to ask them stuff about what the owners/neighbors are like. Both those things are hindered if the old tenant moves out before viewings of the residence begin."


Actually, that is not “standard practice”. At least, not where I live.

Standard practice in the state where I live requires the landlord to give AT LEAST 24 hours notice of a possible viewing AND the new tenants to be accompanied by the landlord or property manager. Typical viewings happen AFTER the tenants have moved and the apartment has been cleaned.

I do realize that my post said nothing about those things, and that’s for a simple reason: none of them took place. I had zero notice, and the landlord never even showed up to show the apartment. Keep in mind that I’m not some young kid- in my mid-thirties and I am well aware of how renting an apartment in my area works.

This left me in a shitty situation where I needed to be polite and show complete strangers around my home in it’s current disarray.

Did I mention that I’m a single woman with three kids moving the whole damned flat by myself? Cause yeah, if I seem a bit peeved, that’s why. Viewings are already scheduled for Monday, and I was assured that everything would be kosher until then.

So yeah, not to be rude or anything, but I’m well aware of how this works and that’s why I’m in a shitty mood about it. Thanks for the anon tho.

/end rant.

(These fucking people just showed up to look at my apartment and I’m not even halfway moved out yet. FML.)


minaharkersghost asked: ""Pardon me, this may sound strange, but do I know you?" The pale woman looks up at him curiously, her green eyes bright. "You look very familiar..""


"Uh… No. I don’t think we know each other personally. You’ve probably seen my posters though.” 

"A man of the theater? Oh, perhaps, though I do not get to go out to such things as often as I would like." She smiles warmly, shifting a little, her manner nervous. "My name is Mina.. Mina Harker, and you?"


† Bram Stokers Dracula †


 Bram Stokers Dracula